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Omega Replica's newest innovation in watchmaking was unveiled at the Geneva watch fair. It is a hairspring made from a carbon composite, which Omega invented, patents, and produces. The Heuer 02T manufacture movement is controlled by the new hairspring. It has a tourbillon mechanism, and is certified as a chronometer.

Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T Tourbillon NanographOmega shows its watchmaking skills with an amazing new timepiece that represents the next generation tourbillon watches. This new model's manufacture movement features a carbon-composite hairspring. It is made from a gas that replaces the silicon and Elinvar versions.

Stephane Bianchi CEO of LVMH Watchmaking and CEO of Omega said that the new Omega Carrera, with its advanced in-house technology, "underlines our legacy in achieving watchmaking excellence" and shows that we are true to our values, performance, disruption, and avant-garde."

This timepiece's fascinating tourbillon function bridges the gap between traditional watchmaking skills and modern industry innovation. The tourbillon is a complex and beautiful watchmaking device that can be found in only a few manufacturers.

Although the Omega Carrera line has changed since its introduction in 1963, it has remained true to its roots. This is still one of the most loved lines in Omega's portfolio due to its unique modular design and connection with motor racing.

Quality Omega Replica features a mirror image of the hexagonal pattern of carbon-composite hairsprings. It is one millionth of a millimetre smaller than the average human eye. The chronometer-certified chronograph's multilayer dial and combination movement, with sandblasted hexagons visible through an open dial, is the main feature. You can also see the pattern on the oscillating weight, which has been treated using black PVD. It is visible through the sapphire caseback.

The Swiss Omega Replica watch's bright neon green colour is a nod to the haute horlogerie designs of the past. It also adorns the aluminium bridge as well as the inscription on its tourbillon movement. With its white gold inserts and aluminium alloy balance wheel, the watch stands out. SuperLuminova markings make it visible night and day.

Guy Bove, Omega's Product Director, said: "With the new skeletonized tourbillon model within the Carrera range we wanted to emphasize Omega¡¯s capabilities both engineering and the development of compelling mechanisms - like its predecessors. The Carrera Calibre Heuer02T Tourbillon nanograph is a force for disruption in haute horlogerie thanks to its visually captivating blend of modern, hi-tech aesthetics with precise, elegant proportions - hallmarks of Carrera collection since over 50 years."

New generation of hairsprings. The hairspring is the heart of any mechanical watch. Its tiny tolerances have a direct impact on the precision of the timepiece. This new hairspring was created by a team of Omega mathematicians and physicists, as well as chemists. The carbon-composite hairspring not only revolutionizes traditional watchmaking but also enhances the performance of watches that are fitted with the brand¡¯s chronometer-certified movements. This carbon-composite hairspring technology is first to regulate the Carrera Calibre Heuer 22T Tourbillon Nanograph.

Omega's low-density, lightweight carbon-composite hairspring has many key benefits. Omega's laboratory tested watches up to 5,000g/1m fall on a hard surface. Metal hairsprings bent and silicon hairsprings cracked, but the carbon-composite hairspring was completely intact.

These hairsprings are exclusively manufactured by Omega, who also has a laboratory in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Guy Semon, CEO at the omega replica Institute, described the importance of the technology by saying: "The development and implementation of this world premiere took years with its ambition to improve the performance of mechanical watches. Omega Institute's innovations can be compared to a staircase, where each step leads to the next. Carbon-composite hairspring represents a first step in a series of in-house improvements that are still being developed.

It is clear that the iconic watch brand has been a pioneer in innovation, as evidenced by the first ever carbon-composite structure for hairsprings and the remarkable Carrera Calibre Heuer 22T Tourbillon Nanograph chronometer.