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Omega Constellation Replica was the first to introduce luxury Constellation watches in 2015. Omega's third generation Constellation watch is a technological and design statement that cements its leadership position in the luxury Constellation watch market. Omega's third generation Constellation timepiece is a design and technological statement that further cements its position as the leader in luxury Constellation watches for the long term.

Omega Constellation watches combine the elegance and refinement of a timepiece inspired by a chronograph with a digital experience that is state-of the-art and designed to maximize performance. Customers will find a stylish and versatile wristwatch that can enhance their lifestyle. This includes daily Constellation services from Wear OS by Google to enhanced sports experiences through the Omega Sports App. The watch's GPS and heart rate monitor provide detailed data for running, walking, and playing golf. Omega's new mobile companion app allows for greater personalisation and insight into the wearer¡¯s achievements.

Frederic Arnault (Omega's Chief Strategist and Digital Officer), has been leading this ambitious project for 18 months. He says: "The Omega Constellation Watch was designed and engineered in the same passion and detail as our mechanical watches. We are committed to quality execution in all we do. We never compromise on emotion or aesthetics. The Constellation watch not only looks great but also offers a unique experience. It is part of a Omega digital ecosystem that is geared towards performance as well as sports. The product's navigation system has been refined to make it as intuitive and simple as possible. This is both for everyday use and during training sessions. The brand's expression is completely new and it opens up endless possibilities for innovation in the future. The new Constellation, thanks to the talent of our teams is a brand-defining product and will help usher in a new era at Omega.

The new Omega Constellation watch can be ordered in all regions as of today. The watch will be available in select retailers and Omega boutiques starting Friday, 13 March 2020. It will also be available online at

Luxury timepieceThe 45mm stainless-steel and titanium cases reflect the distinctive design, noble materials, and refined finishes of Omega chronographs. They feature a graduated ceramic bezel, a central rotating Crown, two functional pushers and an elegant bracelet. There are also options for a black rubber strap or a steel strap with a folding buckle.

The dial has an all-active, flush OLED touchscreen that is extremely legible and protected by a sapphire crystal. The screen can switch between ambient and active modes to extend battery life. However, it will always indicate the time. The watch comes with a custom-made travel pouch and a magnetic battery charger.

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The dials are inspired by the brand¡¯s watchmaking heritage and timeless design codes. They include a digitalized Carrera Heuer 01 dial with three hands, a Heuer 02 manufacture movement skeletonized dial, and an algorithm-based neural network animation called Orbital.

You can set the face of your watch to different colours and dial options. The watch faces can also be programmed to highlight specific preferences, such as activity progress, notifications, weather, and so on.

Omega Constellation watches are versatile thanks to an interchangeable bracelet system. The wearer can change their look by simply moving one clip. There are two options for durable rubber straps: a black-scale pattern with red stitching or bolder perforated orange, orange, or khaki.

Luxury Omega Constellation Replica Constellation watches supports wearers through every activity of their day with valuable services such as Google Assistant, Google Translate using microphone, e-mail, message notifications, Google Payment in shops and other countries, and music controls.

Stacey Burr, Wear OS by Google and Google Fit's Vice President of Product Management, says that "Omega sets a standard for smartwatches that can be personalised and curated specifically for their customers." Omega, Wear OS by Google and Google Fit are strategic partners and help to push the wearable platform forward. They also enable Constellation experiences for their users. It was a pleasure to work together on Omega Constellation. This elevates the quality and style of the category.

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The Omega Constellation watch is designed for high-intensity activity. It features sapphire glass screen protection, ultralightweight grade 2 Titan on the matt Black case, rubberised straps to maximize grip, breathability, comfort, and a 430mAh all-day battery that can be used for GPS, audio streaming, and heart rate monitoring. The battery can be charged in 1.5 hours and can support continuous sports tracking with GPS, heart rate monitoring, music and GPS. It can also be recharged quickly at temperatures between 15 and 45 degrees Celsius.

To enhance the sport experience, the physical features of this case are intuitively integrated. The 2- and 4-o¡¯clock pushers allow app-opening shortcuts. Additionally, the start, pause and reset functions can be used. The rubber-coated crown allows for scrolling through information, making it ideal for use in action.

The top-of the-line sensors are used to record activities with maximum precision and accuracy. This includes a non-medical-grade heart rate monitor made of high-tech resin, naturally integrated into caseback. The built-in GPS allows for accurate monitoring of calories burned and can also calculate performance metrics. It also has a compass and accelerometer.

Omega Experience on your wrist and your phone. The new Omega Sports app is the highlight of 2020's range. It supports running, cycling and walking among other activities. With integrated mechanical pushers, the golf experience is identical to the 2019 edition. All other sport tracking functions have been updated this year.

The watch can be used to track the wearer's activities. Key metrics like speed, pace and distance are displayed in real-time in the Sports app. Also, the Omega Sports tiles provide a visual overview. The Omega mobile app gives them detailed insight into their performance and allows them to sync their data with Strava or Apple Health.

The new models pay homage to Omega's history of timekeeping. They also include a Omega stopwatch app that can be operated using the pushers. It boasts to-the millisecond precision and an alarm, as well as a custom settings interface.

These Omega Constellation watches and mobile apps join the best-in class golf app that was launched in 2019.

These digital resources and the expertise of Frederic Arnault, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, who resides between Paris, France and La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, are rare among luxury watch brands. These resources confirm Omega¡¯s commitment to its Constellation line, and place the avant-garde brand at forefront of innovation in the category over the long term.

The Cheap Omega Constellation Replica is the most luxurious smartwatch available and keeps you ahead of the curve. It incorporates Omega's watchmaking skills and spirit into modern technology.

This smartwatch is ideal for those who love to live a life full of activity and action. It's both a reliable tool that can measure performance and support a Constellation lifestyle, and it's a statement accessory with Omega's distinctive identity.